Recent Sibelius Updates

Sibelius 2020.1 January 2020
  • Auto-Optimize
  • New Dashed and Dotted and Tie-into Ties
  • 3 new House Styles
  • Accessibility improvements and enhancements
  • Bugfixing
Sibelius 2019.12 December 2019
  • Accessibility improvements and enhancements
  • Bugfixing
Sibelius 2019.9 September 2019
  • Vastly Improved MIDI Import
  • Importing into an existing score
  • Instruments table
  • Avid and Berklee College of Music have teamed up to collaborate on a year-long project to enhance the accessibility of Sibelius for blind and visually impaired musicians
  • Overall stability and improvements in Sibelius
Sibelius 2019.7 July 2019
  • Bugfixing and improvements (MusicXML, fonts and PDF export)
Sibelius 2019.5 - May 2019
  • Bugfixing and improvements (stability, playback and audio engine performance, printing and PDF export accuracy)
Sibelius 2019.4 - April 2019
  • Review Mode (enhanced)
  • Loop Playback
  • Scrub
  • Join barlines at end of systems
  • Slash noteheads
  • Flexi-time with NotePerformer
Sibelius 2019.1 - January 2019
  • Review Mode
  • Playback and Timeline enhancements
  • Avid Link
Sibelius 2018.12 - December 2018
  • Bug-Fixing
Sibelius 2018.11 - November 2018
  • Enjoy a better user experience with the improved interface, which adopts more of the native look, feel, and behaviors of Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Get improved Accessibility support for screen readers, enabling a better experience when using macOS VoiceOver or Windows Narrator or NVDA with Sibelius
  • View your work in greater detail with support for high-resolution graphics and native Windows support for high-DPI displays
  • Experience snappier performance when editing and scrolling around a score
  • Easily create and print black and white versions of your music with support for exporting scores as grayscale PDFs (Sibelius and Sibelius | Ultimate only)
  • Gain easy access to Save, Undo, and Redo commands on Mac with the new Quick Access toolbar
Sibelius 2018.7 - July 2018
Several improvements and bug-fixing.

Sibelius 2018.6 - June 2018
A new version of Sibelius | First (free) out now.
Sibelius – A New Single Installer
  • Sibelius | First – will run when you have no license of either Sibelius or Sibelius Ultimate
  • Sibelius – will run only when you have a Sibelius license activated
  • Sibelius | Ultimate – will run when you have an Ultimate license activated
Note spacing improvements
  • Grace notes in multiple voices
  • Note spacing of chords in multiple voices
General improvements
  • Changing notes by semitone across tied passages
General bug fixes

Sibelius 2018.4 - April 2018
  • Make Multiple Text Changes Simultaneously
  • New Voice Position Rule
  • Add Comments Directly On a Score (added functionality to Sibelius | First and Sibelius tiers)
Sibelius is now Sibelius | Ultimate.
Sibelius | First ist now Sibelius.
A new version of Sibelius | First is coming soon (free).

Sibelius 2018.1 - January 2018
  • Improvements for: Lines, Adding slurs across multiple voices, Ties, Barlines, Repeat lines, Note Editing. 
  • The shortcut for accessing the Find in Ribbon box has been made to happen immediately. 
  • Other general improvements
Sibelius 8.7.1 - September 2017
  • Introducing Sibelius | Cloud Sharing
Sibelius 8.6 - June 2017
  • Create beautiful glides & slides that follow your every move with Magnetic Glissandi
  • Share scores and collaborate more effectively with vast improvements to MusicXML
  • Get better performance with lots of enhancements, improvements & fixes included
Sibelius 8.5 - December 2016
  • Upgraded Inspector panel and built on the features introduced in Sibelius 8.4 
Sibelius 8.4 - June 2016
  • Create custom staff sizes, making it easier to get your scores looking perfect
Sibelius 8.3 - May 2016
  • Make music easier to learn—or flag certain items—by coloring individual notes and chords
  • Create better layouts, as rests now clean up nicely when sliding notes and rests based on Time Signature and beam group
  • Work more easily with many improvements to multi-touch gestures on laptop trackpads
  • Integrate your OS X El Capitan (10.11) workstations with the Sibelius License Server
Sibelius 8.2 - March 2016
  • Have the same pitched note display a different accidental in any part of your score
  • Achieve perfectly placed repeated barlines that coincide with time signatures
  • Move notes in time with a completely new workflow that enables you to slide selections
Sibelius 8.1 - October 2015
  • Create better looking scores fast with Magnetic Rests that automatically avoid notes and rests in other voices
  • Eliminate colliding repeat lines with improved concise placement
  • Share your work more easily with others by exporting your composition as an MP3 audio file
  • Add eleventh chords to your compositions with its inclusion in the chord library
Sibelius 8.0 - April 2015
  • Handwrite music with a pen and edit notes with a tap using a Surface Pro 3 with PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate
  • Navigate and edit scores quickly using multi-touch gestures on a trackpad or Surface Pro
  • Draw annotations directly on a score to communicate ideas, comments, or create reminders
  • See your score in all its beautiful glory with support for high-DPI displays on Windows
  • Auto-activate Sibelius and stay on top of the latest updates through the Avid Application Manager
Sibelius 7.5 - January 2014
  • Improved interpretation of notation in playback - Markings such as A tempo, Tempo primo and Come prima now play back automatically; Sibelius differentiates between acciaccaturas and appoggiaturas on playback; mordents play back automatically; breath marks and caesuras play back automatically.
  • More expressive playback - Espressivo has been completely revamped; it is now possible to design your own rhythmic feels for swing, including specifying how far behind or ahead of the beat notes should be played, and using different rhythmic feels for different instruments at the same time; the meter of the music is now emphasized more strongly.
  • New Timeline window - See the structure of your entire score at a glance, and quickly navigate to any location by clicking on a landmark.
  • Share, publish and email files
  • Sharing features from Sibelius First are now included in Sibelius 7.5. Sharing features include sending by email, and publishing to Score Exchange, YouTube, Facebook and SoundCloud.
  • Export Video - Create a video of your score ready to burn onto DVD or uploaded to the Internet.
  • Export to Avid Scorch - Automatically prepare a copy of your score for transfer to your iPad.